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Morohito walked toward the hall the moment , although heavy hearts , but the banquet, or enjoyable, we toast each other , each person speaks , for a time also host and guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves .

Until coach factory outlet got back to the room , the whole scene instantly quieted down , had verbally that elderly head stood up, revealing a touch surface Yinhen color, said : "Santo , who really do not give me that never sleeps face ! "

"Left said law enforcement can not see how I will ! " Ling are days showing a touch of pained face , pulls out once again in the hands of "red Yin order" to still feel kind of like a thorn from the back of Senhan .

"That's according to Santo words, how can we do ? " Another old man also stood up , his eyes flickering .

" How can I do ? Only give up ! " Ling Zhengtian fiercely hammer punch , face full of gloomy .

"Father , what's special envoy adults really so powerful ? " Just then , a voice came, followed by a figure move came.

Jian Mei Star project , a silk ,Coach brow revealed a hint of arrogance, born of a good surface it touches .

" Second son ! " Everyone is thinking about a ceremony to hand over to come , who is the son of Ling positive day Lingyu .

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