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Ling positive surface after several days of convulsions and eventually turned into a kind of color, look coach handbags outlet in the hands of "red yin order" , a little embarrassed and said: "Thank emissary intentions , but this ' red shade make ' priceless , I and so did not dare to use ! "

"No harm , red shade sub brothers said, this order came out, spirits are avoided , so this phase there will help, Santo will certainly be able to get off the ground , after all, I'm going to go back tomorrow , plus the distance to visit , but added just enough time limit ! "coach handbags outlet does look good intentions Road.

"Thank you, good intentions adults ! " Ling -day kind of knocked out teeth are feelings inside feeling, do not not take over coach handbags outlet in the hands of "red yin order" just to feel like a thorn in the back .

What is this red shade son , he knows best , however , to listen to this voice Coach handbags outlet , their relationship is obviously prudent , think also, or else why would this red shade sub status symbol token sent with others.

Himself this time, but kicked iron ! Ling are days of bitter chuckle: "Adults really righteous person, I will prepare for the adults a good tribute tomorrow , but today is late, the possibility compliment adult dinner ? "

" This is very good , the trouble Santo !" Coach handbags outlet hand over ceremony, the surface exposed faint smile.

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