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Coach Factory Mouguang instantly becomes dark and deep , mouth faint outline of the arc ! "This night seemed to get interesting ! "

A road passing breeze , disturbed the silence of the night , with the moonlight , you can see a faint shadows constantly across the night sky toward the west wing of the largest house that away .

The forefront was a lean man in black , her body wrapped in black , only leaving a pair of bright eyes exposed , and occasionally flashed a ruthless two -color , waved to the two men behind , make a killing move forward snatched the lead .

coach outlet online mouth smile more and more, the door came the sound of loud micro can not check .

Then they bolt under the watchful eye of coach handbags outlet , gently moves forward , the ultimate " thump " sound off, followed by the door slowly opened and a subtle luster dim flash , a head into the room .

A wind came, that black people suddenly looked up , they saw a pair of eyes dark and deep , Leighton time necessary to scream out loud, suddenly remembered something , and hastened his hands Wuzui .

" Kaca ! " Sound , coach handbags outlet hesitate to lift the palm , severely beat pixia .

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To mind that road as the shadow of God , such as magic , coach factory outlet online sale hearts wroth deeper, obviously he is the father, son , why do we have to compliment him.

Just because he entered the day Jianmo intrauterine door?

The father also made an earth-shattering things to come , time to see the old guy What can you say these things , you dare look old father said I was in front of the waste .

"You did not dare to do, let me do ! " Vague direction of coach handbags outlet swept residence , Lingyu pernicious eyes flashed a touch of color , bitterly huff .


At the moment the coach handbags outlet is a retreat house , the home of the west wing , the entire Santo Fuchu is the best one , luxurious atmosphere , but coach handbags outlet for these did not interest.

After a glance slightly , began compulsory daily meditation practice .

May just empty , it is the best time to practice .

Turn a blind eye meditation , coach handbags outlet seems to be able to see the bright sky rounded moon, a Unit of warm air constantly spread throughout the body .

" Thump " in this case, a clear sound came , coach handbags outlet eyelashes gently shocked, and slowly opened his eyes , dark night , it seems that across a lightning, a flash disappear

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Morohito walked toward the hall the moment , although heavy hearts , but the banquet, or enjoyable, we toast each other , each person speaks , for a time also host and guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves .

Until coach factory outlet got back to the room , the whole scene instantly quieted down , had verbally that elderly head stood up, revealing a touch surface Yinhen color, said : "Santo , who really do not give me that never sleeps face ! "

"Left said law enforcement can not see how I will ! " Ling are days showing a touch of pained face , pulls out once again in the hands of "red Yin order" to still feel kind of like a thorn from the back of Senhan .

"That's according to Santo words, how can we do ? " Another old man also stood up , his eyes flickering .

" How can I do ? Only give up ! " Ling Zhengtian fiercely hammer punch , face full of gloomy .

"Father , what's special envoy adults really so powerful ? " Just then , a voice came, followed by a figure move came.

Jian Mei Star project , a silk ,Coach brow revealed a hint of arrogance, born of a good surface it touches .

" Second son ! " Everyone is thinking about a ceremony to hand over to come , who is the son of Ling positive day Lingyu .

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Ling positive surface after several days of convulsions and eventually turned into a kind of color, look coach handbags outlet in the hands of "red yin order" , a little embarrassed and said: "Thank emissary intentions , but this ' red shade make ' priceless , I and so did not dare to use ! "

"No harm , red shade sub brothers said, this order came out, spirits are avoided , so this phase there will help, Santo will certainly be able to get off the ground , after all, I'm going to go back tomorrow , plus the distance to visit , but added just enough time limit ! "coach handbags outlet does look good intentions Road.

"Thank you, good intentions adults ! " Ling -day kind of knocked out teeth are feelings inside feeling, do not not take over coach handbags outlet in the hands of "red yin order" just to feel like a thorn in the back .

What is this red shade son , he knows best , however , to listen to this voice Coach handbags outlet , their relationship is obviously prudent , think also, or else why would this red shade sub status symbol token sent with others.

Himself this time, but kicked iron ! Ling are days of bitter chuckle: "Adults really righteous person, I will prepare for the adults a good tribute tomorrow , but today is late, the possibility compliment adult dinner ? "

" This is very good , the trouble Santo !" Coach handbags outlet hand over ceremony, the surface exposed faint smile.

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